Ambient Intelligence and Subjective Wellbeing

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Title:Contribution of Ambient Intelligence to the Subjective Wellbeing: an Overview of the Advantages and Disadvantages
Author(s):M. Mohammadi, R.R. de Pagter, H.J.A. Arts and K.C.G Arts
Abstract:There is and has been a great deal of research in the field of Ambient Intelligence. However, not many have been conducted in which Ambient Intelligence is described from the viewpoint of construction; thus little is known about the contribution of Ambient Intelligence in regards to the influence on the resident’s subjective well-being through the design of the living environment. Based upon a literature review, this paper gives an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the applications of Ambient Intelligence in the built environment in relation to the occupant’s subjective well-being, viewed from the health point of being built into the environment. Through this research, the contributions of Ambient Intelligence to the subjective well-being of the residents are determined; thus contributing to the debate about the validity of its applications in Intelligent Homes.
Keywords:Ambient Intelligence, Intelligent Homes, Subjective wellbeing, Psychology, Health, Built Environment.
Publication:Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference
(e-Health 2011), 20-22 July 2011, Rome, Italy.
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